Tina and Nick lost 8 stone between them *

"Nick and I decided that the time had come to make a serious attempt at losing weight. Both of us were considerably overweight and were really feeling the effects of middle age spread. We had tried various diets over the years, none that were undertaken with any lasting success. Because of this we were rather sceptical about undertaking any diet let alone one that claimed such dramatic and quick results as the one Rachel was offering in her advertisements. However, we were prepared to give it a go and we are so glad that we did. From the end of July until December we lost all the weight we wanted, Nick 5 stone and myself, 3. Since then we have managed to maintain the weight loss and have never felt like returning to our previous eating habits, nor do we suffer from those 'never satisfied' hunger pangs that we used to have.

I would like to say that it was all down to us but that would be denying the great and vital input given to us by Rachel. She was our real inspiration and help, especially when we felt like weakening. Never judgemental if we had fallen off the wagon, Rachel was always supportive, positive and constructive, reminding us of our goals and spurring us on to achieve them. We would have to say that fear of disappointing her was equal to our fear of disappointing ourselves!

To anyone thinking of doing this diet we can only recommend that you give it a try. It is down to you but we know it works, we know it works quickly, we know it lasts and more than this, we can show that it works. We are back eating normally but sensibly, enjoying our bodies and better health and can only say a great big 'Thank You' to the lovely Rachel."

Tina & Nick Shepherd

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