Nicki lost 3 and a half stone*

"Before I found the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme I was at an all-time low with my weight. I was eating to make myself happy! Obviously this wasn’t the solution. My weight was increasing and it became a vicious circle. I also started to have weight-related health problems, my back and knees ached most of the time. I was somewhat ashamed when I had my first appointment because I weighed more than I thought and when I saw my weight it was a wake-up call! Rachel made me feel so at ease I began to feel less ashamed and self-conscious of myself. I couldn’t believe how quickly I started to see the results. I first noticed that my back and knee had stopped hurting so much and I wasn’t so breathless. I don’t think I could have achieved it without the support of Rachel and Mike. They are there for you 24/7 with any little worry, which helps keep you on track and focus. I feel so amazing now I have lost the weight. I love clothes again and I am happy to look in the mirror without fear of what I am going to see. Since I have reached my goal I have had a lot of people come up to me and say, “Oh my god, you look amazing, how did you do it?” I am only too happy to tell them! I think the programme is great value for money as no other programme gives you 24/7 support 7 days a week. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t found this programme - probably in a very sad place. I just have one more thing to say and that is a massive thank you, Rachel and Mike, for all your support."

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