Natalie lost 3 stone in 5 months*

"I decided to go and see Rachel and follow the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme as I was at an all time low with my weight. I have been overweight since childhood; throughout my teens and adult life my weight has been a constant source of worry for me and at times has held me back from doing so many things. I have tried so many different diets, all of them would work at first but then after a few months my weight loss would grind to a halt leaving me very disheartened. The final straw came when I was a bridesmaid recently and my dress had to be let out instead of being taken in. I was very embarrassed and felt that my weight was spiralling out of control. Despite trying to lose weight I seemed to be putting it on. It was at that point that I made a decision that I seriously needed to take control and change my life. I made my appointment to see Rachel and I can honestly say it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. At first I was worried but I shouldn't have been - if you do as instructed you will lose weight and notice results immediately. I followed the programme for 5 months and have lost 3 stone. I cannot express how much happier I feel, I have more energy, sleep better and have much more confidence. I feel amazing. I now feel I know how to eat sensibly and most importantly maintain my weight loss. Thank you Rachel for all your help, I am so happy I discovered your programme and now feel ready for anything."

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