Judy went from a size 20 to a size 12 from Spring to Summer*

"In March 2008 I retired from a career in nursing to be able to spend more time with family and friends.

Over the years preceding, my weight had gradually increased and fitness levels decreased, resulting in problems of high blood pressure, gastric irritation, irritable bowel and depression to name but a few. This, and trying to cope with high levels of stress, were the decider for me to act before they got the better of me.

I was inspired by a friend who had consulted Rachel, gone through the programme, lost her excess weight and looked fantastic. I knew that this was what I needed to do.

In February 2009, I visited Rachel for the preliminary consultation. Her gentle manner, and reassurance that I could feel better, made me realise that it would be possible to return to the ..‘old me’.

I put my trust in her and she delivered.

Following the programme was far less daunting than I could have imagined and I saw and felt results within the first week. My joints stopped aching and my digestive system returned to normal.

Now, the middle of summer 2009, I have reached my goal of comfortably wearing size 12 clothes (from a size 20!)

I feel, and have been told, that I look 'fantastic'. The anti-depressant and diuretic medication has been discontinued, and my life has changed for the better all round. I now take pride in my appearance and feel far more confident and happy. Best of all, I can enjoy socialising with my partner Steve, run and play with my grandchildren and give my children their mum back.

I thank them all for their love and support and, Rachel, from the bottom of my heart, accept my sincere gratitude and thanks for these six words…… Reassurance, Encouragement, Support, Caring, Understanding and Empathy."

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