Geraldine lost over 3 stone*

"Seeing the advertisement for 'The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme' started me on the road to three months that have changed my life for the better. Last August, I was feeling unwell, unfit and miserable as I only had to look at food and I put on weight. I don't have a sedentary job and, despite exercising daily, the weight seemed to pile on. Everyone said, 'It's your age!'

Having seen the pictures of others before me, I was eager to start. I did; straight away after starting the pounds quickly fell off and then the stones and before I knew it I had lost over 3 stones! My family couldn't believe how I had transformed. People didn't recognize me! My skin improved, I felt 10 years younger and I could fit into my daughter's jeans. I didn't even miss chocolate which had been my downfall in the past. A miracle has happened - the body I dreamed of!

My cholesterol was high and after 4 months on the programme dropped to a very healthy figure.

If I can do it anyone can!"

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