Ewout lost 6 stone in 6 months*

"As a man, going to a diet consultant is not the first thing one thinks of. However I had put on far too much weight in recent years and I was not able to shift it. I realised that at my age it was a question of now or never and, above all else, I was fed up with having to buy larger and larger clothes.....

Quite a few of my friends and colleagues had suddenly lost weight and looked gorgeous and much younger. Each one mentioned the same name: Rachel Ricketts. Then last year I decided I would go for a free consultation. I felt an immediate rapport with Rachel and realised that together we could do it!

Like a good parent, teacher and friend, Rachel was gentle yet firm and very supportive. Although without her I could not have done it I felt that I retained my dignity and I was still in charge of the process with Rachel's care and support guiding me in a most professional way.

The diet suited me well and I actually did not find it difficult as it is so carefully worked out and I could go at my own pace through each stage until I was ready. What made it especially easy was the speed of the weight loss because it just seemed to drop off. Losing 5lb a week was the norm and I lost 6 stone in 6 months. Amazing. After about a month everyone seemed to notice and it was lovely to receive compliments from people everywhere and comments about how young and well I looked. Some people did not recognise me! A year later, this is still the case and people are still commenting on the new me.

Rachel gave me the tools to keep the weight off while still being able to enjoy my food. Thank you, Rachel!"

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