Alan Nichols - 2 1/2 stone

The benefits have been great. 

Certainly for me mental health in just feeling my well being so much better, so much happier with myself.

So nice to go and put on a pair of trousers that are so much smaller and the confidence goes up and I have recently been interviewed for a role which I have been successful in getting and I have gotta to say walking into that environment and knowing that you  look  good, makes you feel good, starting off on the right point.  

The Support has been absolutely fantastic for me because in the back of your mind you know you’ve got that help there, you got that guidance.

This programme was my last ditch attempt to ever try and get the weight off. So all I can say is for me it’s worked. It’s worked simply, it’s worked quickly, you see the benefits very very quickly so that builds your confidence. Happiness creeps in and I would say do this one because of the simplicity of it and you learn so much and you become a little bit of an expert with things. You could just look at something and go “I am not going to touch that”.

I have been pleasantly shocked at times with just catching myself  in a mirror  or reflection and going “is that really me” I don’t actually recognise myself.  And actually you know the vanity creeps in a bit but why not, you’ve earnt it and I go hey  you know you looking good and if you are looking good you are feeling good and hopefully people around you will feel good as well.

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