Carol lost 3 stone*

"I never dreamt that I would have achieved all what I have with the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme. I was on the programme for just under 6 months and in that time I lost 3 stone and learnt exactly how to maintain my weight. During the time I was on the programme I had been to three weddings, went away on holiday and had Christmas so I am more than pleased with my weight loss! With any previous dieting attempts I would have been lucky to have lost half a stone in a month. In the first month on the programme I had lost 16lb getting me to a weight that I hadn’t been able to get to in the last 10 years! It was a real incentive to follow the programme properly due to the amount of weight that I was losing on a weekly basis. It was very simple to follow – just normal and healthy foods. I no longer have any cravings and have learnt exactly what causes them. I am more than happy with the way I look and feel – I am in a size 10 designer jeans – it doesn’t get much better than that! My husband is really impressed with how well I have done. As a result of myself following the programme his eating habits have also changed and his health has improved. His diabetic nurse is very pleased with how his blood sugar levels have dropped since I have been on the programme. This programme has been the making of me. Rachel was very supportive – I could not have done it without her help. Excellent value for money!"

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